An infinitely-flexible developmental proving ground for unique and thrilling attractions.

One of the keys to our success in creating new and innovative attractions is our infinitely-flexible developmental proving ground, The Ride Works.
Based in our US headquarters, this uniquely customizable space allows The Ride Works® designers, engineers, motion physiologists, manufacturers, and testers to work interactively with a product under development. By rapidly prototyping a new idea, The Ride Works® can provide proof-of-concept within a short turn-around cycle, thereby achieving hands-on results in a way that is unmatched in the industry.
Almost from the moment an idea is envisioned, elements of the attraction can be built, manipulated, adapted, tested and proven in a manner that saves production time, conserves the budget, and evolves ideas.
At The Ride Works, play testing takes on new meaning. Before a new ride leaves our hands, it has been carefully tested for safety, reliability, gameplay, and guest reaction. We can provide proven technology and design in a cost-effective manner.