Thrilling motion simulator attractions, custom software motion control systems, interactive educational attractions

ETC’s The Ride Works provides Design and Systems Integration services to customers worldwide. The Ride Works is known primarily as a developer of thrilling motion simulator attractions, custom software motion control systems, interactive educational attractions, and designing, building, and integrating the g-force motion platform for the Mars space mission anchor attraction at Epcot.
The Ride Works, with lessons learned from our parent company, has the proven skills as a custom design company to integrate the human experience into a truly realistic thrill encounter. We are offering our patented G-Pointing technology along with our design and systems integration expertise to the Entertainment market.
Unique Expertise in Entertainment Engineering
The Ride Works’ Unique Expertise in Entertainment Engineering is leveraged from our parent company, Environmental Tectonics Corporation (ETC), an international company with operations in the US, Turkey, and Poland and offices stationed worldwide, with more than 44 years of experience in motion technology. ETC produces simulation devices that deliver authentic experiences of flight.
Top Simulation and Training Company
ETC was awarded a Blue Ribbon status by Military Training Technology Magazine’s “Top Simulation and Training Companies of 2009” issue for leading the industry in innovation.
FAA Safety Approval
In 2010, ETC’s National AeroSpace Training And Research (NASTAR) Center became the first entity to receive a Safety Approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Office of Commercial Space Transportation to offer its pre-approved Space Training Programs. The NASTAR Center employs its Space Training Simulator (STS-400) to satisfy the FAA’s Crew Qualification and Training Requirements, which require crew members to demonstrate the ability to withstand the stresses of space flight, which may include high acceleration, deceleration, microgravity, and vibration.
Through years of innovation and refinement, ETC has developed mission critical simulators that offer training beyond basic flight. These advanced systems can simulate and monitor the physiological effects of flying and how to properly endure conditions such as High G, Spatial Disorientation, Situational Awareness, and Upset Recovery. Our signature G-Pointing technology seamlessly matches sustained g-force with realistic visual, audio, and tactile sensations.