A monster truck multi-player game featuring 360 degrees of continuous rotation.

The Incredible Pizza Company, an FEC based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was impressed by the visuals in ETC’s The Ride Works Wild Earth™ series. They hired The Ride Works to develop a ride with a 360° motion platform and a monster truck multi-player game. To accommodate the construction of a new facility, they wanted it delivered within an aggressively short production schedule.
Needing to respond quickly, The Ride Works expanded our show development team and a design concept was rapidly assembled based on our experience with split-task multiplayer gaming. Intense efforts were made on show creation, new player interfaces, and systems control. We even found time to add a custom monster-rock soundtrack.
The ride was installed on site and the facility completed construction around it. Since launch, it has been extremely well received by both the client and their guests and lines form out the door on weekends.

Monster Roll Cage Core Details


  • Launch Date: August, 2004
    Project Length: 6 months
    Show Specs
    3 minute race format
    24 guests/hr/unit
    1 Driver Position
    1 PowerParts Position
    6 trucks [more unlockable with Career Mode]
    6 tracks [more unlockable with Career Mode]

  • eMotion Theatre Specs
    2 seat interactive multiplayer
    2 DOF
    ±360° pitch & roll
    5.1 Surround Sound
    HD 16:9 Projection