Guests design their own virtual roller coaster and then ride what they created.

Attracted by ETC’s The Ride Works parent company’s high-fidelity military aviation simulators, the largest theme park resort in the world came to The Ride Works looking for a unique experience for a planned chain of branded Family Entertainment Centers – the first of which would be launched in Orlando, Florida.
Adapting a multi-million dollar platform, The Ride Works successfully scaled it down to a cost-effective ride that has since become the most popular attraction at the FEC – one with a terrific 98% uptime record. The Ride Works motion specialists were heavily consulted and enabled the customer and designers to create the most compelling guest experience while minimizing undesirable guest reactions.
Guests interactively design their own virtual roller coaster at kiosks and then climb aboard the XVector eMotion Theatre to ride what they have just created. Internal ride cameras capture their experience, which can later be purchased along with the visuals of their custom coaster trip.

Roller Coaster Simulator Core Details


  • Launch Date:
    June, 1998 – first of 3 locations
    Project Length: 12+ months
    Show Specs
    1.5 minute show
    34 guests/hr/unit
    2 guests/unit
  • eMotion Theatre Specs
    2 seat
    2 DOF
    360° pitch & roll
    24 Roller Coaster Simulators
    1 Weather Proof Roller Coaster unit for outdoor display