Sustained gravitational forces tell a thrilling and unique story.

After several successful projects with the world’s largest theme park and resort company, ETC’s The Ride Works sensory specialists were consulted to provide proof-of-concept for a space launch and flight simulator under consideration for Orlando’s EPCOT resort.
Initial meetings with The Ride Works motion physiologists and engineers provided the motion base concept, enabling an attraction that could provide sustained gravitational forces and tell the client’s story the way they wanted.
Designed, prototyped, manufactured and tested at ETC’s The Ride Works facility this ride has proven itself with its thrilling and unique experience, as well as for its safety and reliability.
With an e-ticket throughput of 1600+ per hour, this ride has taken over 35 million EPCOT guests on a one-of-a-kind experience into space since 2003. The four Multi-Armed Centrifuges (MAC) allow for a scalable attraction that can be operated in relation to crowd levels. In addition, it provides the ability to tailor the intensity of the experience according to guest demand.

Space Launch and Flight Simulator


  • Launch Date:
    4.5 years
    Project Length:
    7 months
    Show Specs
    3 minute show
    480 guests/hr/unit
    40 guests/unit
  • eMotion Theatre Specs
    40 seat multi-arm human centrifuges
    3 DOF
    360° planetary motion
    +45, -55° pitch
    ±25° roll
    2.5 sustained G’s max
    4 multi-arm centrifuge units
    10 arms per unit
    4 guests per arm gondola