We worked within the limited budget to provide an exciting attraction.

ETC’s The Ride Works was approached by the renowned director and producer, Shorty Yeaworth, who was in search of an international company with the experience and capabilities to step in after his original motion platform designer/manufacturer was unable to complete a project he was producing. Bound by a very low budget set by the original contractor, Shorty needed a company that could design a motion platform for a facility that had already been constructed, while staying within the stringent cost demands.
Shorty wanted to immerse his audience in an experience highlighting the historic landscapes and ruins of Aqaba, Jordan. He didn’t want a “ride”, but rather to use subtle motion cues to harmonize with his myriad other theatrical effects. The Ride Works motion physiologists worked closely with him on the platform cueing to maximize the sensations and enrich the lush, high-res film and surround effects of the 110-person theatre.
Using our international design and fabrication personnel, The Ride Works worked within the limited budget to provide an exciting attraction that functions perfectly in the confines of the pre-existing facility. The final result met and exceeded Shorty’s expectations.

The Jordan Experience Core Details


  • Launch Date: Q4, 2004
    Project Length: 6 months
    Show Specs
    25 minute show
    200 guests/hr/unit
    110 guests/unit
  • eMotion Theatre Specs
    110 seat theatre platform
    2 DOF
    ±5° pitch & roll
    20 ton payload system