Dive into the ocean and explore what lies beneath with Deep Ocean.

Since the beginning of time we have traveled the oceans of the world discovering new places yet few have encountered the majesty and wonder of what lies beneath. Now in a compelling interactive experience, Philippe Cousteau and Michiko Martin guide explorers into the depths of the ocean with The Ride Works’ Deep Ocean Safari experience.
Explorers take control of their submersible craft and camera as they roam and discover ocean life. Their photographs crystallize the memories of the adventure which can be shared online with family and friends.
Deep Ocean Safari is an entertaining adventure for all ages. The virtual underwater journey offers voyagers the opportunity to encounter over 30 species of ocean life and gain a greater awareness of our ties to the ocean and the importance it plays in our survival on Earth. Life everywhere is dependent on the ocean!
Deep Ocean Safari Development

NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuary Program worked closely with The Ride Works in the development of a virtual underwater journey that allows explorers to visit various depths of the ocean. Under NOAA’s direction, The Ride Works creative team dove into the U.S. sanctuaries, literally and figuratively–experiences that are directly translated into the interactive adventure. NOAA’s subject matter experts guide Deep Ocean’s stories of marine life and their conservation and stewardship messages are communicated throughout the voyage.
EarthEcho International also provided subject matter expertise. Philippe Cousteau, President of EarthEcho, son of Philippe Cousteau, Sr. and grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, is a narrator in the adventure along with Michiko Martin, oceanographer and National Education Coordinator for NOAA’s NMSP. Philippe and Michiko guide adventurers through four major environments representing the mid-to-southern coast of California.
The Deep Ocean Safari experience is flexible and can be delivered to you in a variety of platforms, configurations, and price ranges. Contact The Ride Works to learn more. Deep Ocean Safari student activity guides and educator’s packages are available.

Wild Earth: Deep Ocean Core Details


  • Launch Date: Summer 2009

    Project Length: 24 months

    Show Specs
    3-4 minute show
    48 guests/hr/unit
    1 Pilot Position
    1+ Photographer Positions
    30+ species
    4 major environment zones

  • eMotion Theatre Specs
    4 seat interactive multiplayer
    2 DOF
    ±15 degree pitch & roll
    HD 16:9 Projection
    5.1 Surround Sound
    HD Dome display optional
    Other standard and custom platforms available