2 seat, interactive multiplayer educational photo safari.

The Philadelphia Zoo was a critical partner in the creation of the original Wild Earth: African Plains Edition. Wanting to put their own stamp on the attraction, the Zoo partnered again with The Ride Works to develop an experience that highlighted the Zoo’s unique research projects and safari programs.
New scripts were created to utilize Zoo personnel for the guide characters and additional species were added to draw attention to animals under the Zoo’s care. Dodge became the ride’s sponsor and their trucks were included in the visuals as well as the exterior theming of the ride vehicles.
The souvenir article was revamped to underscore the ride sponsor as well as to emphasize the Zoo’s message of conservation.
A special pre-show video was produced that starred the Philadelphia Zoo’s personalities, including Ron Fricke, V.P. of Education. Set in the safari’s base camp, the video introduces the safari, demonstrates the vehicle’s controls to the adventurers, and extends the overall experience.

Wild Earth: Philadelphia Zoo Core Details

  • Launch Date: March, 2005
    Project Length: 7 months
    Show Specs
    3 minute show
    24 guests/hr/unit
    1 Driver Position
    1 Photographer Positions
    4 additional custom species
    3 minute pre-show video
  • eMotion Theatre Specs
    2 seat interactive multiplayer
    3 DOF
    ±45° pitch, variable range
    ±25° roll
    24″ heave range
    5.1 Surround Sound
    HD 16:9 Projection
    3 units in themed installation